my sis

I have the funniest sis ever,and the funniest thing is she does it without meaning too!I’ll write a few funny things she says but I wont write it all or I could be writing this in my late 30s!

Here are the funny things she has said lately

1.the other day my dad was explaining what a homeless person was.She said,I block quote

“I always thought a homeless person looked like a oompaloompa with a beard”she said this looking very deep minded and serious.

2. when my sis was going to aunt Sandra’s sweet factory she was very bored in the car.To keep her quiet my granda told her it was round the next corner,when we got round the next corner she asked where it was ,my granda told here that he where right beside the building where he got sister’s response was

I really don’t care Granda where you got married”

(I don’t think she ment to be cheeky,as she is only little!)

3)when she grows up she is going to have 100 dogs and call them all Aimee so when she saysAimee they will all run after her.(She annoced this suddenly and randomly when she was like 2.She said this randomly when we were talking abot dogs.when I need to get to bed but I’ll write more tomorrow!


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