Date: a good monday for relaxing

Today I was watching a vidio about sprending kindness and random acts of kindness on u tube.So I thought to myself,that man did only 1 good deed-helping someone that off his scateboard.Why do 1 good deed when you can do lodes?So the best way of being kind with words is by making something the whole world can see and what method is better than making a blog or webpage.I just did a good deed right there ,my little sis came in and asked  could she have sketch book and I agreed she could.Little things like that make the world a better place,so I give today’s or (tomorrow if you reading this at night)  kind act challenges .if you do all of theese you are truley a lovely person. here they are …

1)Complimint at least on thing your’e next door neighbour (or the closed person that lives near you if the house is empty)is wearing example:their glasses,necklace,Tshirt,dress,jeans,trainers ext Try and do this even if you don’t really know them!

2) (this is a tricky one)Give at least £5 of your pocket money to a children’s charity.If you don’t know how to do this buy a bun from a stall that says they give 1/2 the money to charity or give it to those people who stand outside shops with a bucket which says they give the money to a selected charity.

3)Tell your least favourite person in your class they look nice(or if they are a boy)Tell them they did their work really fast.

4) go around the playground at lunch seeing if anyone is standing awkwardly alone and if so play with them or ask them do the want to join in with you and your friends.(for some people this may seem tough but I tried it and she just thought I was kind)Another good idea is to make up a club which helps people find friends or lets them join in to their game.





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